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Who are we ?

BATD, the Belgium Association for Tennis Development, founded in 1989, is a private association dedicated to Tennis promotion in Belgium at all levels.

Our strengths:

Clubs, Schools, Fitness, Pro Team
BATD manages 5 tennis clubs, 8 tennis schools, 4 padel clubs, not to mention 2 fitness clubs.

BATD takes also in charge professional tennis players management. Kristof Vliegen, Olivier and Christophe Rochus, Yanina Wickmayer, Kirsten Flipkens are among the recent players who beneficiated our support.

Tennis at all levels
The BATD Tennis Programm promotes teaching methods adapted to each age. Mini-Tennis starts as early as 3 years old with baby tennis. 12m Mini-Tennis and 18m Mini-Tennis are the two next steps.

12m Mini-Tennis
The children discover different physical aspects of themselves - dexterity, coordination, speed, relaxation, endurance, rythm. The goal is to use a complete approach to racket sports and to master particular skills, such as balance, trajectories and the playing space. 

18m Mini-Tennis
The children play proper rallies with an intermediate ball where he or she practices, compares him/herself to others, copies and increasingly understands different aspects of the game. The goal is to focus on the outcome of their game and make that more of a priority; 18m Mini-Tennis is the last stage before passing on to a normal-sized 24m court. The evolution takes place naturally as the racket, the ball and the court have all grown progressively during the child's apprenticeship.

BATD is a leading tennis event organizer in Belgium. Since 2017 we organize the "BATD Tour". This tour includes 15,000 $ and 25,000 $ tournaments, Tennis Europe & Ten-Pro tournaments.... In 2018 we organized the World Padel Tour. In the past we also organized the 5 top ranked tennis tournaments (Codic Open, Open de la Ville de Charleroi, Aquarius Open, Belisol Open, Mosa Open), one ETA Tournament (Primerose), etc. And also 5 Davis Cup ties in the Primerose, numerous Satellite and Challenger tournaments and corporate events.


  • Les tournois Tennis Europe au BATD : "C'est notre façon d'aider le tennis belge" by Christian Carette (09/08/2021) - Article

Organigramme BATD (Events)

Présidence : 


Conseil d'administration : 


Equipe de gestion : 

  • Olivier Buchet
    Contact : olivier.buchet@batd.eu   +32 475 20 27 64
    Disponibilité : jours ouvrables

    Responsabilités: juge-arbitre tournois BATD
                                       suivi et maintenance informatique


  • Alain Denis
    Contact : alain.denis@batd.eu   +32 473 35 13 62
    Responsabilités : directeur sportif


    • Dominique Dewolf
      Contact : dominique.dewolf@batd.eu   +32 10 81 98 83
      Disponibilité : lundi - mardi - vendredi, de 9h à 12h

      Responsabilités : communication, secrétariat néerlandophone
    •  Aurélie Gardette
      Contact : aurelie.gardette@batd.eu   +32 10 81 98 84
      Disponibilité : lundi - mardi - jeudi - vendredi, de 9h à 12h

      Responsabilités : comptabilité

    • Anne Gelin
      Contact : anne.gelin@batd.eu   +32 10 81 11 00
      Disponibilité : lundi - mardi -  jeudi - vendredi, de 9h à 12h

      Responsabilités : responsable administrative


      • Levan Thuan
        Contact : levan@batd.eu   +32 477 696 512
        Disponibilité : jours ouvrables, matin

        Responsabilités : maintenance, gestion infrastructures


        • Magali Sprimont
          Contact : magali.sprimont@batd.eu   +32 10 81 98 82
          Disponibilité : lundi - mardi - mercredi - jeudi, de 9h à 12h

          Responsabilités : responsable comptabilité et trésorerie